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We have made the index pages from our books available as PDF files that can be searched for references to names you are looking for. (All of these indexes require a program to display Portable Document Format (PDF) files, often called "Acrobat" files. Abode provides the free Adobe Reader.)

Most indices are broken down into alphabetical subsets to reduce the download times. Click on the link to open the index in a new window. Many files run from 5-8MB in size, and large files can take a while to download. We're working on ways to speed up the search in the old "pre-computer" indexes.

Cemeteries and Genealogy, Warren County, Georgia and Immediate Vicinity 1792-1987 (Blue book)

A - Calver Irby - Maddux Rymes - Vance
Calver - Gardner Maddux - Nugent Vance - Zeiley
Gardner - Irby Nugent - Rymes  

Warren County, Georgia, Genealogy II (1793-1900) (Red book)

A - Broomfield Hale - Howard McGregor - Rhymes
Broomfield - Denton Howard - Langmade Rhymes - Taylor
Denton - Hale Langmade - McGregor Taylor - Zinn

Warren County, Georgia Land Records, Volume One (Green book)

A - Buttler Harback - Jones Raney - Swain
Buttler - Dunn Jones - Merryday Swain - Zirbes
Dunn - Happy Valley Mersham - Raney  

Jefferson County, Georgia, Land Records, Volume One (White book)

A - Cook Index Heard - Merrien Sith - Zebina
Cook - Heard Merrien - Sion  

Jefferson County, Georgia, Land Records, Volume Two (Black book)

A - Bridge Gordy - Jenken Perdue - Scarboro
Bridge - Danrant Jenkens - Mayo Scarboro - Tooke
Dantignac - Gordon Mayo - Perdue Tooke - Zodel

Richmond County, Georgia, Land Records (Eggplant purple book)

Complete index (only 542KB - smaller, as this was the first digitally-produced index)

Burke County, Georgia, Land Records (Khaki book)

Complete index (561KB file)

Wilkes County, Georgia, Land Records Vol I (Ocean Blue book)

Table of Contents (179KB File)
Index of Names (816KB file)
Index of Water Courses (165KB file)
Index of Roads and Routes (379KB File)
Index of Churches and Cemeteries (115 KB file)
Index of Counties, Districts, and Towns (150KB file)
Complete index (1.59MB file)

Wilkes County, Georgia Land Records Vol II (Red book)

Complete index (389 KB file)
Introductory material (481 KB file)
Sample pages (78 KB file)

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